Ruskin House Movement Centre is an important hub for social movement and change. With so many organisations using the house to build their movements including Amnstey International, Momentum, Croydon's Labour Party, Unite, the Communist Party, Croydon's Co-operative movement, Slavery Remembrance and the African Holocaust Foundation to name a few, Ruskin House truly is the heart of the movement and the centre for change. Ruskin House also provides an invaluable space for the local community to come together and make new friends Becoming a member allows us to continue to be at the centre of Britain's movement for change and in so being you will also be supporting a variety of movements and organisations. If that doesn't convince you perhaps our discounted drinks at our member's only bar will! We've got some of the cheapest drinks in town, how could you possibly resist? Membership is just £20 per calendar year or £10 per calendar year for the unwaged, you could make that back at one night at the bar! Membership forms available at the bar.